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Some September links…


At long last the BBC Alba, the Gaelic language service for Scotland provided by the BBC in conjunction with MG Alba, was launched on the 19th September. It consists of a digital television channel which is available to view on Sky 168 and Freesat 110 (DTT coverage is subject to review in 2010); BBC Radio nan Gàidheal and BBC Alba Online. Watch the opening 5 minutes below

Daniel Cunliffe on “crowdsourcing” translation of websites such as the Facebook Translation Application which has now completed translating Facebook into Catalan and Welsh. It is also available in Pirate English (see language choice), but it is unknown how many actual pirates were crowdsourced to do this localisation.


Gweplyfr yn Gymraeg? / Facebook in the language of heaven?


Mae Facebook wedi agor eu rhaglen gyfieithu fewnol i’r Gymraeg. Mae’r wefan sydd ag 8 miliwn o ddefnyddwyr yn y DU yn unig wedi derbyn digon o geisiadau i warantu agor y system gyfieithu ar y cyd i’r Gymraeg. Bydd defnyddwyr yn gallu cyfieithu holl destun y wefan fesul un, a phleidleisio ar y cyfieithiadau gorau, gan geisio cael cytundeb democrataidd ar y ffyurf gorau.

Felly, a yw hyn yn hyfdra anhygoel gan gwmni sydd yn gwneud elw anferth o’r wefan , neu’n ffordd newydd gyffrous o leoleiddio meddalwedd? Dwedwch chi, ond mae un peth yn sicr o’r ddelwedd islaw – mae na ffordd hir i fynd nes y bydd iaith y nefoedd yn iaith y Gweplyfr.

Facebook have opened up their translation application to the Welsh language. The massively popular social network site is already being translated into Catalan and Basque. The incredible thing is that it is all being done by volunteers, with no project leader, only a democratic vote system on the best translations.

So is this just pure cheek in getting a free translation, or the way forward for website localisation?

Whatever it is, there are only two other languages that have been completed so far (Spanish and French), and from the image above, there is a long way to go for Welsh to achieve the full translation.